The Best Horse Boarding Stable In Las Vegas

The Best Horse Boarding
Stable In Las Vegas

   Located between Green Valley and S. Highlands: Tel. 702-896-8988


You have reached the web site for the best pleasure horse boarding stable in Las Vegas.  Our caring and experiencd staff treat all horses as individuals.  We take the horse owner's input very seriously.  We make every effort to allow you, the horse owner, have your horse cared for exactly as you wish.  We have a 5 acre ranch that includes all the amenities you expect at a first class facility.   A partial listing would include: 2 full size arenas, one lit for night riding, 4 turn outs, a full 60' round pen, year round hot water and much more.  For those who like trail riding, we are located on the edge of town, and so the possibilities are endless.  We also have 3 kinds of hay available at all times - alfalfa, alfalfa grass mix and timothy grass.  In addition our stalls are over-sized.   Our smallest stall is 24' x 24' (double the size of the average stall found in Las Vegas), and we have some stalls as large as 20' x 60'  (unheard of in this area).  Even our inside stalls have 20' x 30' runs.  Our grounds are meant to set the tone for a pleasant experience with your horse.  And if you check our photo gallery, it will quickly become clear that they are much more attractive than any other facility in the area.   So look at the photos and see for yourself what we offer, then give us a call for more details.  Prices start at $385.  702-896-8988.                                                  



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